I just got back from another workshop on IRT and CAT, this one at the Universita G. d’Annunzio, Chieti, Italy.  Many thanks to Aristide Saggino and Roberta Romanelli for doing such a great job organizing this workshop!  It was truly an international affair, with participants from the US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Brunei, and Korea.  Plus, besides getting to experience the Abruzzo region, many of us were lucky enough to spend a day or two visiting Rome.


Several participants inquired about future workshops, and the possibility of organizing one for their home country.  ASC currently has two future workshops tentatively planned: Tokyo (Sept 4-5, 2010) and Brasilia (June 2011).


Iteman 4

Iteman 4 is nearing release.  We are currently finishing the manual and the installation package for the program.  Once those are finished, it will be placed on the website.  Check back for news.


IACAT News for March

The first IACAT elections are being held in the middle of March 2010.  Visit www.iacat.org for more information.

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Nathan Thompson earned his PhD in Psychometrics from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on computerized adaptive testing. His undergraduate degree was from Luther College with a triple major of Mathematics, Psychology, and Latin. He is primarily interested in the use of AI and software automation to augment and replace the work done by psychometricians, which has provided extensive experience in software design and programming. Dr. Thompson has published over 100 journal articles and conference presentations, but his favorite remains https://pareonline.net/getvn.asp?v=16&n=1.

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