2017 IACAT Conference

Niigata, Japan

Last week, I had the privilege to attend the 2017 IACAT Conference (International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing, www.iacat.org).  It has always been my favorite conference – in location, program, and people – and this year was no different.

First, the location was phenomenal.  Our host was Tetsuo Kimura from Niigata Seiryo University, who did an incredible job of scheduling an enthralling 4 days.  The location was Toki Messe convention center, on the river in the heart of the city.  We also took a riverboat cruise, enjoyed a theatric samurai demonstration, and visited a historical home/museum.

The program started with workshop I taught in concert with Prof. John Barnard of EPEC (www.epecat.com), covering a brief introduction to item response theory and CAT.  Besides all the wonderful presentations, we also had a slate of fantastic keynotes and symposia from presenters like Juan Barrada, Alina von Davier, Duanli Yan, Mark Reckase, and Wim van der Linden.

And the best part, of course, was the opportunity to spend time with good friends from far away that I don’t see often, and the chance to make some new friends.

Lastly, I’m honored to announce that ASC was selected as the host for the 2019 conference!  It is being planned for June 2019 at the University of Minnesota.  More info will be announced as we move closer to that date.

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Nathan Thompson earned his PhD in Psychometrics from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on computerized adaptive testing. His undergraduate degree was from Luther College with a triple major of Mathematics, Psychology, and Latin. He is primarily interested in the use of AI and software automation to augment and replace the work done by psychometricians, which has provided extensive experience in software design and programming. Dr. Thompson has published over 100 journal articles and conference presentations, but his favorite remains https://pareonline.net/getvn.asp?v=16&n=1.

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