I have have traveled quite a bit around the world in my 44 years on this planet, but I am definitely ready form the airlines to bring back the Concorde!  Somebody needs to innovate this flight from Dulles to Abu Dhabi.

Speaking of innovation, I am honored to be working for a company and a CEO that embody the spirit of innovation each and every day. To truly be innovative, you must be brave and fearless. It is easy for an organization to talk about ‘being innovative’ or even take all of the money they have fleeced from State assessments and innovate in a manner that keeps the benefits behind walls and continue to swindle the States. That’s not how we roll and I am very proud of that.

Picture in your mind: a day where psychometrics is automated, accessible and affordable to all that wish to make sure bad tests don’t hurt good people. That is the exciting working I get to participate in each and every day. To that end, I will be attending the Assessment in Middle East conference the next couple of days with like minded innovators.  Definitely excited!

Until we talk again.

PS:. Somebody call Elon Musk for me to get this flight shortened!

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