On Sunday and Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Assessment in Middle East conference hosted at the prestigious Abu Dhabi University. The conference brought together higher education professionals across the Middle East to discuss how the assessment of students and faculty can contribute to quality improvement through the use of data. It was fascinating to see talk with these professionals on how they use data to make themselves better.

Within our own business, we like to D.R.E.A.M. (insert Wu Tang Clan reference here… RIP ODB). D.R.E.A.M stands for Data rules everything around me, and at Assessment Systems it really does. It is refreshing to have been surrounded by professionals for two days who thrive off of continual improvement using data as opposed to doing things like they always had because ‘than is just how we do it here’. These are the types of professionals I love working with.

I have a lot of great takeaways from my time at the conference and look forward to sharing them with my team when I return.

Until next time!

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