As I am writing this in 80+ degree Fahrenheit weather, my family back in Minnesota is getting pounded with snow. I am definitely not going to tell my wife how awesome the weather is here in Abu Dhabi right now. I think I will use Celsius to describe the weather as opposed to Fahrenheit!
When I went into the office of one of our partners here in the UAE, I found out some incredible news. They had just won a prestigious international award for the work they are doing in the assessment of speaking and learning Arabic. Like I said the other day, this is why I work. Knowing Assessment Systems had a small part in this partner doing the great work that they are performing is very satisfying.
I have been in the Abu Dhabi for almost a week.  Now it is time to have a little fun. On Saturday, I am going to go to the Yas Marina Circuit (Formula 1) and go drag race a 500hp Camaro! If you know me, doing this makes perfect sense. There is nothing like the smell of burnt rubber after smoking the tires in preparation for going fast! Look for some awesome pictures soon (as long as I don’t put the Camaro into the wall!)
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