Hello everyone!  I am almost halfway through my trip.  So far, my trip has been very productive.  The last couple of days, I have been in Dubai, as opposed to Abu Dhabi.  If you have not been to this part of the world, even though the cities are in the same country and only about 100 miles apart, they are very much different from each other. On top of that, if you get a chance to drive between the two cities, hold on to your hat – it is definitely an experience. I had to channel my inner Cole Trickle (Days Of Thunder reference) just to make it in one piece!
All kidding aside, my meetings in Dubai were very productive. I love working with individuals who are intelligent and are willing and able to innovate. The status quo is boring. Our universe is expanding and improving at a staggering rate. Unlike our competitors, I want to be able to provide the Smartest, Fastest, and Fairest assessment we can to our partners. Just because an outdated business model has created billions of dollars of profits for some in the industry by staying in the past just to make money and not advance assessment, does not mean we need to do things that way. One of our core values is to Do The Right Thing by our people, planet, and our partners. I take that seriously. To do right by our partners, we should be assisting them in developing and delivering the smartest, fastest, and fairest assessment possible. And that is why I am in the Middle East for these three weeks; the amazing people here have an incredible appetite to do just that.
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