I am going into my second weekend in the Middle East now – time to take a little time for me! But, work and improvement (personal and professional) is never too far away. Have you ever wondered how we can get better as people or professionals without data? Well funny you say that, I did in the most peculiar of places. I rescheduled my drag racing experience at the Yas Marina Circuit from last weekend due to rain! When I finish my first of 10 runs, I could have been satisfied that I took a 500hp Camaro down the quarter mile in just over 13 seconds at 112 MPH. But once I looked at the data, the car is a 13 second car and I went 13.25 seconds on my first run, I was not too thrilled. Using data is key to who I am and who we are at Assessment Systems. Armed with that data, I went to work. I started to analyze my reaction time, RPMs at launch, and shift points. Suddenly, runs 2-7 started get faster. On run 8, I went 12.60 at 114.3 MPH. On run 9, I went 12.63 at 114.1 MPH. Now, I have found something to create and sustain my performance. This all occurred due to data. I could have easily been satisfied with making it down the track in one piece and going over 100 MPH, but the data showed me (as it did not lie) that there was more performance to be had. After I was finished, I found out that in ‘perfect’ conditions with a ‘professional’ driver, the car can do 12.55. Without the data, I would never have come close. I think I’ve found a new hobby!


All fun aside, data is key to everything we do at Assessment Systems. It is so ingrained into us, that it is a part of our everyday lives. I D.R.E.A.M. every day! (Data Rules Everything Around Me).


This trip is starting to wind down, but there is still more fun to be had!
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