Sometimes the best things come to those who wait! This trip is almost over, but seems to just keep getting better. Yesterday, we assisted a partner in the Middle East roll out, for the first time, a CAT (computerized adaptive test) on a national level. I hope Dr. David Weiss and Dr. Nathan Thompson are smiling from Minnesota right now as everything went flawlessly!
Today, I attended the BETT Middle East conference and was able to talk with innovative companies about what is next in EdTech. It was very clear that after 30 minutes at the conference that the United States is not the only ones who innovate. It is always important to look everywhere for innovation, as it can come from anywhere in the world.
Well, we are in the home stretch and this has been an amazing trip. I am looking forward to getting back to the US to see my family and to talk with you colleagues at Assessment Systems about everything I have learned and seen on this trip.
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