Well, I made it! Twenty-one days away from my wonderful family. I do want to thank my family for being patient with me for being gone and my awesome wife for holding the fort down at home by herself with two boys and Tucker (Coon Hound). Don’t worry for those reading, I am going home with presents for everyone, including my wife! Although I am ready to go home and see my family, I will miss this view from the 29th floor of my apartment.
As the trip is winding down, things for Assessment Systems are heating up (no pun intended) here in the Middle East. I had a meeting today about some very interesting opportunities elsewhere in the region. This was the icing on top of the cake in terms of all of the things we accomplished on the trip.
I hope you enjoyed taking this ‘virtual trip’ with me! Don’t worry, there will be more trips, and who knows where Assessments Systems will end up in the search for Smarter, Faster, and Fairer assessments!
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