We share a belief at Assessment Systems that we have one life – not a separate work life and a separate home life – one life that integrates and intersects with all of who we are. As a fully virtual company, home and work blend all day every day. Our community at Assessment Systems is home to single parents, parents with new babies, parents who sometimes feel more like a taxi driver for their kids – you get the idea. What I’m trying to say is, as a community, we’re a bunch of individuals with commitments outside of our work at Assessment Systems – and as the head of Human Resources, I love that.

When we look at our benefits at Assessment Systems, we’ve always tried to think outside of the box, as most progressive, people-focused companies do. Wellness and self-care have been something we’ve constantly tried to integrate, embrace, and elevate in our one life. What we’ve realized over time is wellness and self-care look different for each of us. For one of our employees, acupuncture is their go-to for wellness. For others, like myself, it’s a nice haircut. Because wellness looks different to each of us, and may look different month-to-month, we wanted to find a solution that would support that.

Progressive, people-focused companies put wellness front and center. At Assessment Systems, wellness and self-care have become a company wide conversation and something we’re always trying to improve. I stumbled upon Emburse while researching ways to improve our wellness initiatives. What immediately caught my attention was that it was solving the exact problem I was facing: empowering my employees to have access to wellness without being a burden on their time, wallet, or other commitments.

What is Emburse? you ask – great question! Simply put: it’s a credit card. But to me, the HR pro at Assessment Systems, it is much more; Emburse is the answer to how I can design a personalized wellness program for my incredibly hard-working employees.

You’re probably wondering why I don’t just add money to their payroll or issue company cards. Another great question, smarty pants! I chose not to do that because having an Emburse card at Assessment Systems has one purpose: treat yo’ self. No need to budget a paycheck, no need to worry about expense reporting… Just take your card and go take care of yourself.

For my fellow HR professionals and executive leaders reading this, please know there’s one thing Emburse couldn’t do for me or my team. Emburse couldn’t give us more time in our day for wellness. That’s something we, as a leadership team, had to enforce on our own. Because we live one life, and our work life and our home life are so intertwined, we strongly encourage our employees to use their Emburse card during the work day when their kids are at daycare of school and they can sneak away from their desk for a massage, a manicure, a haircut, or whatever wellness may be for them that month.

To learn more about Emburse, visit www.emburse.com.

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Brian Long

Brian Long is the Director of Human Resources & Communication at Assessment Systems.