ASC Update- September 2012

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Here are the September 2012 updates and news…


Xcalibre 4.1.8 update provides new functionality

A free update to Xcalibre 4.1.8 has been released.  Current users can download the update at our support page, If you do not yet use Xcalibre to produce your IRT reports, you can download a copy at The following improvements have been made:

  • Polytomous categories with zero endorsement can now automatically be collapsed
  • Data Matrix and Item Control Files can now include a header line of identification (helps you keep track of which column is which!)
  • Not-administered and/or omitted responses can be replaced with monte-carlo generated model-fitting data in the scored matrix file – useful for sparse data sets
  • The scored data matrix file is now saved in the same format as the input data matrix
  • Delimited scored matrix files now automatically include header line with same item names used in Item Control File
  • The level of precision in the output is now controllable
  • Revised manual


ASC now provides complete one-stop-shop for certification organizations

ASC provides FastTest Web (, a best-in-class software for item authoring, test development, and test delivery.  We are currently integrating a module for examinee registration, payment processing, and scheduling for our network of testing centers.  In combination with extensive consulting services from our PhD experts in psychometrics and accreditation, we now provide a comprehensive solution for certification organizations large and small.  If your organization delivers professional certifications, we encourage you to contact!


New credential released: Certified Social Media Strategist

ASC has worked with the National Institute for Social Media (  to develop a landmark credential, the Certified Social Media Strategist.  This is the first certification designed specifically for the explosively growing field of social media.  More information is available at   If your organization is involved in any social media marketing, please forward this message to relevant personnel!


These are the September 2012 updates!

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Nathan Thompson, PhD

Nathan Thompson earned his PhD in Psychometrics from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on computerized adaptive testing. His undergraduate degree was from Luther College with a triple major of Mathematics, Psychology, and Latin. He is primarily interested in the use of AI and software automation to augment and replace the work done by psychometricians, which has provided extensive experience in software design and programming. Dr. Thompson has published over 100 journal articles and conference presentations, but his favorite remains