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to develop sound assessments has been designed specifically to guide you along best practices and sound psychometrics, enabling you to make the strongest and most engaging assessments

tech enhanced items

A smarter way to develop and deliver assessments is a comprehensive platform to develop, deliver and analyze assessments at a professional level of quality.  It’s designed for organizations that need a higher level of functionality than a simple multiple choice platform for low-stakes testing.  This includes:

  • Role based user security
  • Item authoring and review
  • Storage of item statistics, content domains, and other metadata
  • Item review workflow
  • Automated item generation
  • Publishing of many test forms
  • Item response theory
  • Computerized adaptive testing
  • Lockdown browser delivery
  • Multiple language support
  • Psychometric analytics

Powerful item authoring

Work with 60 item types to develop high-validity and high-fidelity assessments that keep examinees engaged.  Manage items in separate item banks, with different sets of authors.  Tag all items to national, state, or other content standards for education – or content blueprints for workforce/credentialing.  Track edits and usage of items across the organization.


Item review and quality control workflow

Define your organization’s custom workflow process, and manage all item development/review to ensure quality

Automated Item Generation

Leverage modern methods for assessment development, like automated item generation (AIG).

Publish securely, deliver reliably

Effectively manage large-scale and high-stakes assessments, controlling every aspect of how examinees are registered, enter the test, and take the test.  Keep track of results on a live dashboard and stop/pause examinees as needed for security.  Export all results for reporting and further analysis.

Automated psychometrics to drive improvement

Produce MS Word reports that detail every aspect of item and test performance.  Use these to review with subject matter experts to revise items for future usage, and submit the reports for your accreditations.


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