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Assessment Systems Partners with Sumadi to Revolutionize AI-Based Assessment for Education and Employment

Certification And Licensure Testing

Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC; has announced a new partnership with Sumadi (, a leading provider of automated proctoring and exam integrity solutions.  ASC’s cutting-edge assessment platforms will deliver tests with Sumadi’s lockdown browser and proctoring based on artificial intelligence (AI), protecting the validity of exam scores and the investment made in test content.  This combines with ASC’s AI functionality in the assessment itself, including computerized adaptive testing (CAT), multistage testing (MST), item response theory (IRT), and psychometric forensics.


The two platforms are perfectly complementary, jointly providing an ideal solution for large-scale assessments that need more security than a standard browser without proctoring.  This provides a highly scalable platform that is ideal for educational assessment and pre-employment testing where there might be thousands, or tens of thousands, of examinees.  The two companies recently partnered to deliver 40,000 exams in a weekend for high stakes national assessments in Colombia.

“Sumadi is a perfect partner on a number of levels.” Says Nathan Thompson, PhD, CEO of ASC.  “The products fit very well together, providing the end-to-end solution that our clients are asking for.  Some of our largest clients are in Latin America, for which a Latin American partner is ideal.  And finally, they are a great culture fit, given the focus on improving assessment with artificial intelligence, and making such solutions available all around the world in a cost-effective manner.  Sumadi truly aligns with our core mission of improving assessment with user-friendly technology.”

“We’re thrilled to announce this new partnership, because like Sumadi, ASC is dedicated to improving online assessments,” said Raúl Rivera, Executive Director of Sumadi.  “ASC’s online testing platform and our automated proctoring solutions will enable clients to successfully develop, deliver and safeguard the integrity of assessments, anywhere in the world.”


About Sumadi

Sumadi ( provides secure automated proctoring solutions to clients around the world that safeguard learning outcomes and ensure the integrity of online assessments. Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, these solutions ensure exam integrity with facial and typing pattern recognition, authentication, object detection, and browser tracking solutions. Sumadi offers the only multilingual automated proctoring solutions capable of being delivered simultaneously, at scale, anywhere in the world, with real-time reporting capability. Recent accolades are testament to Sumadi’s success, including being named one of the Top 10 EdTech startups in Europe in 2020 and one of the Top 10 Biometric Solution Providers in Europe in 2021 (according to Enterprise Security Magazine).  With headquarters in Honduras, Sumadi is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class proctoring solutions across Latin America and the world.  

Sumadi comes from the ethnic Garifuna language of Honduras, meaning ‘intelligence’.


About ASC

Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC; provides its software to organizations across many verticals, based on the common thread of leveraging better psychometric science.  EdTech companies, K-12 school districts, national Ministries of Education, national Ministries of Defence, certification/licensure boards, employment testing companies, and language assessment organizations are some of the groups that ASC partners with.  ASC’s underlying mission is to improve educational and career opportunities for people worldwide, by ensuring that assessment organizations are providing effective measurements.  In the age of data, having accurate information about humans is paramount.

Nathan Thompson, PhD

Nathan Thompson, PhD, is CEO and Co-Founder of Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC). He is a psychometrician, software developer, author, and researcher, and evangelist for AI and automation. His mission is to elevate the profession of psychometrics by using software to automate psychometric work like item review, job analysis, and Angoff studies, so we can focus on more innovative work. His core goal is to improve assessment throughout the world.

Nate was originally trained as a psychometrician, with an honors degree at Luther College with a triple major of Math/Psych/Latin, and then a PhD in Psychometrics at the University of Minnesota. He then worked multiple roles in the testing industry, including item writer, test development manager, essay test marker, consulting psychometrician, software developer, project manager, and business leader. He is also cofounder and Membership Director at the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing ( He’s published 100+ papers and presentations, but his favorite remains

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