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AI Remote Proctoring
formative and summative assessment paper

What is an item distractor?

An item distractor, also known as a foil or a trap, is an incorrect option for a selected-response item on an assessment. What makes a

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Remote Proctoring Software Providers

What are technology enhanced items?

Technology-enhanced items are assessment items (questions) that utilize technology to improve the interaction of the item, over and above what is possible with paper.  Tech-enhanced

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Psychometric software

What is automated item generation?

Automated item generation (AIG) is a paradigm for developing assessment items (test questions), utilizing principles of artificial intelligence and automation. As the name suggests, it

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Dogleg example

Scaled scoring transformations

Recently, I was asked about scaled scoring and if the transformation must be based on the normal curve. This is an important question, especially since

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educational standard setting

What is a standard setting study?

A standard setting study is a formal process for establishing a performance standard. In the assessment world, there are actually two uses of the word standard – the other one refers to…

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