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What is automated item generation?

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Automated item generation (AIG) is a paradigm for developing assessment items, aka test questions, utilizing principles of artificial intelligence and automation. As the name suggests, it tries to automate some or all of the effort involved…
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Three Ways the Word "Standard" is used in Assessment

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If you have worked in the field of assessment and psychometrics, you have undoubtedly encountered the word "standard." While a relatively simple word, it has the potential to be confusing because it is used in three (and more!) completely…


The generalized partial credit model (GPCM; Muraki, 1992) is one of the family of models from item response theory.  It is designed to work, as you might have guess, with items that are partial credit.  That is, instead of just right/wrong…

What are the possible transformations for scaled scoring?

I was recently asked about scaled scoring and if the transformation must be based on the normal curve. This is an important question, especially since most human traits fall in a fairly normal distribution, and item response theory places…
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Assessment Systems is 40!

Happy birthday to us! We’re 40 years old! To celebrate our 40th birthday, we thought we’d do something big. But before we cheers to the Big 4-0, we want to travel back to 1979.  In the ‘70s, Dr. David J. Weiss and his team at…
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What is computerized adaptive testing?

Computerized adaptive tests (CATs) are a sophisticated method of test delivery based on item response theory (IRT). They operate by adapting both the difficulty and quantity of items seen by each examinee. Difficulty Most characterizations…

What is a standard setting study?

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A Standard Setting Study is a formal process fo establishing an performance standard. In the assessment world, there are actually two uses of the word standard - the other one refers to a formal definition of the content that is being tested,…
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