Integrating Moodle with FastTest

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The traditional Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to serve as a portal between educators and their learners. Platforms like Moodle are successful in facilitating cooperative online learning in a number of groundbreaking ways: course management, interactive discussion boards, assignment submissions, and delivery of learning content. While all of this is great, we’ve yet to […]

What is the Sympson-Hetter Item Exposure Control?

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Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is a powerful paradigm for delivering tests that are smarter, faster, and fairer than the traditional linear approach.  However, CAT is not without its challenges.  One is that it is a greedy algorithm that always selects your best items from the pool if it can. The way that CAT researchers address […]

How Beyoncé Sold Me on Computerized Adaptive Testing

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Desperation is seldom fun to see. Some years ago, having recently released our online marking functionality I was reviewing some of the functionality in a customer workspace I was intrigued to see “Beyonce??” mentioned in a marker’s comments on an essay. The student’s essay was evaluating some poetry and had completely misunderstood the use of […]

Machine Learning in Psychometrics: Old News?

In the past decade, terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining are becoming greater buzzwords as computing power, APIs, and the massively increased availability of data enable new technologies like self-driving cars. However, we’ve been using methodologies like machine learning in psychometrics for decades. So much of the hype is just hype. So, what […]

What is item response theory?


Item response theory (IRT) represents an important innovation in the field of psychometrics. While now 50 years old – assuming the “birth” is the classic Lord and Novick (1969) text – it is still underutilized and remains a mystery to many practitioners.  So what is item response theory, and why was it invented? The Driver: […]

The 3 approaches for IRT equating

If you are delivering high-stakes tests in linear forms – or piloting a bank for CAT/LOFT – you are faced with the issue of how to equate the forms together.  That is, how can we defensibly translate a score on Form A to a score on Form B?  While the concept is simple, the methodology […]

10 ways to improve your assessment with psychometrics

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Education, to me, is the neverending opportunities we have for a cycle of instruction and assessment.    This can be extremely small scale (watching a YouTube video on how to change a bike tire, then doing it) to large scale (teaching a 5th grad math curriculum and then assessing it nationwide).  Psychometrics is the Science of […]

Huffington Post: Adaptive Testing in Education Enhances Test Security

The Huffington Post recently published an article discussing the role that computerized adaptive testing (CAT) plays in K-12 educational assessment.  It presents some of the issues in the field of standardized testing, and then discusses how adaptive testing in education can address some of those issues. This article is a refreshing departure from those typically […]