Certification & Accreditation Consulting

All the psychometric requirements laid out by standards like NCCA and ANSI can seem overwhelming – we are here to not only help you achieve these, but empower your organization.

Some Critical Pieces:

  • Job Analysis

    You need a defensible way to define what your test will even cover.  This starts with a job analysis.  A committee of subject matter experts (SMEs), will generate a list of tasks in the profession, then we obtain quantitative data from incumbents on which tasks are most frequent and important.  This data is invaluable.

  • Test Blueprints

    We then convert the job analysis results into a blueprint for the exam.  You’ve seen those… 16% from Domain 1, 22% from Domain 2, etc.  But these numbers aren’t just arbitrary – they will be defined by our data on what tasks or knowledge is most important and frequent for the profession.

  • Item Writing

    A high quality item is the basic building block of any exam.  You’ll need to train your writers, have them write items, then put the items through a QA workflow – and be able to document this all for Accreditation.

  • Standard Setting

    Your exam needs a cutscore that defines who passes and fails.  If you simply pick a round number like 70% with no justification, you are in for a heap of trouble.  You’ll need a panel of SME to complete what is known as a modified-Angoff study, or similar approach, to provide a cutscore with extensive quantitative data loaded with SME expertise.

  • Statistical Reports

    All exam forms need a comprehensive statistical report done to check on the quality of every single item.  Moreover, you are required to submit summary reports every single year.  This work requires a PhD psychometrician – or software designed to automate one.