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Online Essay Marking Software: Save Time, Improve Feedback

Seamlessly manage the entire essay marking process online. Reduce turnaround time and drive high-quality essay marking with purpose-designed software.

Online Essay Marking Scoring

Define custom rubrics and scoring guidelines, set up custom marking rules like anonymity and adjudication, manage large teams of markers, and pull results.

Raters can log in and easily score the student essays on multiple rubrics, driving quality assessment and student feedback.  Leverage automated essay scoring for a second or third rater.

The Essay Marking Process

Manage Users

Upload users and manage assignments to groups of students

Create Rubrics

Create your rubrics (scoring levels/rules), including point values and descriptors

Tag rubrics to items

When authoring items, simply assign the rubrics you want to use

Set Essay Scoring Rules

Require multiple markers, adjudication of disagreements, and visibility limitations? Users can be specified to see only THEIR students, or have the entire population anonymized and randomized. Configure as you need.

Deliver your test

Students write their essays or other ECR responses directly in our scalable online assessment platform.

Users mark responses

Users (e.g., teachers) log in to our essay marking software and score student responses on your specified rubrics, as well as flag responses or leave comments.

Score students

Run the scoring algorithm, either classical test theory or item response theory (generalized partial credit model)

essay scoring options
essay scoring

“FastTest reduced the workhours needed to mark our student essays by approximately 60%, cutting it from a multi-day district-wide project to a single day!”

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