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Online Testing Assessment

A Complete Assessment Ecosystem

Item Banking

Manage large pools of items and the experts needed to write/review them; export to QTI or deliver online

Online Exams

Configurable platform that drives test security, including lockdown browser and add-on options for remote proctoring

Reporting & Psychometrics

Essay scoring, item response theory, automated statistical reports -everything you need for high-quality exams.

No Obligations!

The free version of our online exam software comes with the access needed to get you up and running:

  • One administrative user
  • 100 test credits
  • No limit on the number of items or banks.  

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How can I use this?

This provides an ideal platform for a number of situations:

  1. Item banking
  2. Paper-based test delivery
  3. Exporting to QTI to deliver in test centers
  4. Occasional, small-scale online test delivery
  5. Combine with Google Meet or other services for free remote proctoring of high-stakes online exams
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What is FastTest?

FastTest is a comprehensive, end-to-end platform for online assessment.  It helps you manage the entire process, keeping your exams secure while driving best practices.

Free version does not include support, warranties, or guarantees.  Use at your own risk.  Users must abide by our terms of use.  We reserve the right to validate and refuse requests for free accounts. Requests with Gmail, Yahoo, etc. will be ignored.

What does FastTest do?

adaptive testing parameters