Secure Online Testing with FastTest

Need to host a large-scale assessment platform on your own servers?

Secure – Powerful – Hostable

FastTest is our tried-and-tested enterprise platform for high stakes assessment, with advanced psychometrics like IRT and adaptive testing baked in throughout. It remains the cloud platform for a number of our partners, but is unique in that it is available for on-premise hosting at your location. For example, do you need a system that can run nationwide assessments in your country, but be hosted in your capital and translated into your local language? FastTest is the only solution on the market that fills this need.


Deliver 200 tests per year, or 20,000 per day; manage hundreds of content experts for development


Make content experts more productive with intuitive interfaces, customized workflow, and immediate publishing


Configure security for each test: passcodes, ID numbers, lockdown browser, proctors, IP addresses


Designed to drive best practices and advanced psychometrics like IRT and CAT

Powerful item authoring

  • Innovate with tech-enhanced items like drag-and-drop, essay, and fill-in-the-blank.
  • Review items with workflow management to improve content quality.
  • Support validity with storage of extensive metadata, including custom fields and statistics.
test information function

Advanced psychometrics

  • Leverage CTT and IRT to build reliable, defensible tests.
  • Set cutscores using the modified-Angoff approach.
  • Improve test security with adaptive (CAT) or linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) delivery.
  • Linear or normative scaled scoring conversion.

Reliable delivery

  • Scalable test engine on best-in-class Amazon servers.
  • Intuitive, modern interface with customizability and widgets like protractors.
  • Scalable security: you define if the test has an open link, password protection, lockdown browser, virtual proctoring, or secure test centers.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Report on all aspects of the test development cycle.
  • Analyze examinee response data with Iteman.
  • Export your data any time you need it.
  • Design and brand your own examinee score reports.

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