IRT & CAT Implementation

Upgrade your assessment program to modern psychometrics, making it smarter, faster, and fairer

IRT Calibration

Item response theory (IRT), also known as modern test theory (as opposed to classical test theory or CTT), is a psychometric paradigm designed specifically to address the well-known shortcomings of CTT.  We can implement the machine-learning-like algorithms necessary to implement IRT, using our automated software, taking you org to the next step towards IRT & CAT.

adaptive testing simulation

CAT Simulations

Computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is our favorite part of psychometrics and assessment.  It designs tests to be intelligent, using AI principles to adapt individually to every student, every time.  But implementing this approach requires extensive effort and research known as simulation studies.

CAT Implementation

Want to start seeing the benefits of IRT & CAT?  We can help you plan an implement the transition.  Our software platform makes it easy to publish sound CATs with a range of models and immediately deploy them worldwide.  You can then immediately start seeing the benefits like shorter testing time and increased security!

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