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Remote Proctoring Software Providers

Remote Proctoring Software Providers

There are many remote proctoring software providers on the market, with a surprisingly wide range of functionality. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this industry even further.  Because of this, ASC combed the internet to compile a list of remote proctoring software for our clients. Are we missing any?  Contact to suggest one.

Note that this does not include general video software, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom – all can be used for proctoring as well, but are not specifically designed for it.

ASC’s Preferred Partners

ASC’s online assessment platforms are integrated with some of the leading remote proctoring software providers.

Type Vendors
Live MonitorEDU, Examity
AI Examus, Sumadi, ProctorFree
Record and Review Examus, ProctorExam, ProctorFree
Bring Your Own Proctor Examus, ProctorExam

List of Remote Proctoring Software Providers


# Name Website Country Proctor Service
1 Aiproctor USA AI
2 Centre Based Test (CBT) India Live, Record and Review
3 Class in Pocket India AI
4 Datamatics India AI, Live, Record and Review
5 DigiProctor India AI
6 Disamina India AI
7 Examity USA Live
8 ExamMonitor USA Record and Review
9 ExamOnline India AI, Live
10 ExamRoom.AI USA AI, Live
11 Examus Russia AI, Bring Your Own Proctor, Live
12 EasyProctor India AI, Live, Record and Review
13 HonorLock USA AI, Record and Review
14 Internet Testing Systems USA Bring your own proctor/td>
14 Invigulus USA AI, Live, Record and Review
15 Iris Invigilation Australia AI
16 Mettl India AI, Live, Record and Review
17 MonitorEdu USA Live
18 OnVUE USA Live
19 Oxagile USA AI, Live, Record and Review
20 Parakh India AI, Live, Record and Review
21 ProctorFree USA AI, Live
22 Proctor360 USA AI, Bring Your Own Proctor, Live, Record and Review
23 ProctorEDU Russia AI, Live, Record and Review
24 ProctorExam Netherlands Bring Your Own Proctor, Live, Record and Review
25 Proctorio USA AI, Live
26 Proctortrack USA AI, Live
27 ProctorU USA AI, Live, Record and Review
28 Proview USA AI, Live
29 PSI Bridge USA Live, Record and Review
30 Respondus Monitor USA AI, Live, Record and Review
31 Rosalyn USA AI, Live
32 SmarterProctoring USA AI, Bring Your Own Proctor, Live
33 Sumadi Honduras AI
34 Suyati India AI, Live, Record and Review
35 TCS iON Remote Assessments India AI, Live
36 Think Exam India AI, Live
37 uxpertise XP Canada AI, Live, Record and Review
38 Proctor AI India AI, Live, Record and Review
39 Wise Proctor USA AI, Record and Review
40 Xobin India AI
41 Youtestme Canada AI, Live



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