May 2010- FastTest Web, Iteman 4


May, 2010

As of May 5, FastTEST Web is now available to the public!  Please visit to see some of the features and watch a video of it in action.  We continue to add new features every day – so if there is something you would like to see in an online test development system, please contact me.

The buzz on Iteman 4 continues to grow!  It has been out for approximately a month now, and orders continue to roll in.  Iteman 4 is designed not just to analyze test data, but to produce formal reports – saving you the time of copying and pasting tables and figures for each item.  Remember that there are discounts available both for multiple users and for multiple years (e.g., purchasing 3 years up front rather than the annual renewal).

We continue to add new features to Iteman 4, including the choice of quantile plot groups, and support for polytomous and mixed-format tests.  In addition, Xcalibre is being re-engineered in the same spirit as Iteman 4.

The first IACAT election is complete; results are posted at  The Board is now working on establishing a vision and future for the organization.  Of course, the most immediate future is the conference in June.  A program will be posted shortly.

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Nathan Thompson, PhD

Nathan Thompson earned his PhD in Psychometrics from the University of Minnesota, with a focus on computerized adaptive testing. His undergraduate degree was from Luther College with a triple major of Mathematics, Psychology, and Latin. He is primarily interested in the use of AI and software automation to augment and replace the work done by psychometricians, which has provided extensive experience in software design and programming. Dr. Thompson has published over 100 journal articles and conference presentations, but his favorite remains