Online Marking for Essays and ECR

We pride ourselves on providing a single ecosystem with configurable modules that covers the entire test development and delivery cycle. If you have open-response items, especially extended constructed response (ECR) items, our platforms will improve the process needed to mark these items.  Leverage our user-friendly, highly scalable online marking module to manage hundreds (or just a few) raters, with single or multi-marking situations.

“FastTest reduced the workhours needed to mark our student essays by approximately 60%, cutting it from a multi-day district-wide project to a single day!”

A K-12 FastTest Client
Online marking essays
  • Manage Users

    Upload users and manage assignments to groups of students

  • Create Rubrics

    Create your rubrics, including point values and descriptors

  • Tag rubrics to items

    When authoring items, simply assign the rubrics you want to use

  • Set Marking Rules

    Require multiple markers, adjudication of disagreements, and visibility limitations?  Users can be specified to see only THEIR students, or have the entire population anonymized and randomized.  Configure as you need.

  • Deliver your test

    Students write their essays or other ECR responses

  • Users mark responses

    Users (e.g., teachers) log in and mark student responses on your specified rubrics, as well as flag responses or leave comments.