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Our online testing software empowers you to cost-effectively develop and deliver high-quality online exams, leveraging best practices and modern psychometrics like IRT and CAT.

Online Testing Assessment

Why use ASC's online testing software?


Lockdown browser, remote proctoring, examinee passwords, date/time windows, and more


Pricing for 100 examinees per year, or 100,000


We’ve delivered millions of secure, psychometrically-sound online tests


Customize your navigation, scoring, reporting, messaging, security… it’s your program!​

Improve your online testing with modern psychometrics

Easily improve the size and quality of your item bank​ by generating more items; powerful item banking with customizable kanban workflow

Leverage the modern psychometric paradigm, with dichotomous or polytomous models & automated calibration​, to build stronger exams

Easily publish tests which personalize the assessment for every student, using item response theory; this makes tests shorter, more accurate, more secure, and more engaging

Automatically produce tech reports in Word, with CTT and IRT, allowing you to more effectively improve questions with your SMEs

Online Testing: Modularized, Powerful Functionality

Integrated Item Banking: Develop High-Quality Items, Anywhere

We make it easier to manage large item banks and teams of experts. Easily author items. Leverage 60+ item formats. Track metadata and item versions. Specify role and content based access for users. Move your items through a custom QA workflow. Create custom metadata fields.

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edit test assembly

Leverage our unmatched psychometrics: IRT, adaptive testing, and more

Deliver your online tests with stronger psychometric science. Use item response theory to design and score exams. Adaptive testing and multistage testing will personalize the exams to every examinee, improving security, engagement, and accuracy.

You control the delivery configuration

You have the power to fully customize how your online exams are delivered, from high stakes certification exams down to formative assessments or practice tests.

adaptive test delivery
Online Essay Marking Scoring

Integrated Platform for Online Essay Marking & Scoring

Does your online testing require open-response items?  Our platform comes with a module that is specifically designed to manage large-scale marking more efficiently. Define custom rubrics, assign multiple markers, deal with disagreements – and save time through it all.

Modernize your assessments with digital transformation


Does your online testing include open-response items.

Traditional Approach

Our platform comes with a module that is specifically designed to manage

Modern Approach

Our platform comes with a module that is specifically designed to manage

Why us?

We build online testing software for professionals.

Anyone can build a simple web app to author and deliver multiple choice items but our platforms go far beyond that…

Our online testing platform will make your test development more efficient, and empower you to publish tests that are stronger and smarter.

Our expert consultants can help you implement these modern methodologies.
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