Online Testing: Secure, Efficient, and Engaging

Easily build and deploy exams with same advanced psychometrics used at the biggest testing companies

Anyone can build a simple web app to author and deliver multiple choice items.  Our platforms go far beyond that: 52 item types, advanced psychometrics like item response theory, adaptive testing, a professional system to manage essay marking with hundreds of markers… you get the idea.

If you have needs like this, your choices are quite limited.  We can help you implement these modern methodologies.  Get in touch or sign up for a free account. is our next-generation platform, designed to combine modern web technology with long-recognized best practices in assessment.   It makes the process of developing advanced assessments both easier and faster.  As a pure cloud-based software-as-a-service, is easily accessible and massively scalable.


FastTest is our tried-and-tested cloud platform for formative and summative assessment.  While it has fewer item types than and a more dated interface, it has two distinct calling cards: 1) it is full of advanced psychometrics including topics like polytomous adaptive testing, and 2) it can be provided as a licensed version that you can install and administrate on your own servers.