ProctorExam and ASC Partner for Online Proctoring

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ProctorExam and ASC have partnered to offer a much more secure solution for online test administration, which more and more organizations will need in our changing world of technology and online learning. This is because security requires a multi-layered approach: in addition to streaming a webcam, there is also screen capture, and use of a 3rd camera.  Moreover, security also rests on the delivery engine, which should include functionality for screen lockdown, randomization, adaptive testing, LOFT, passwords, and more.  ASC has recently partnered with ProctorExam to leverage their innovative platform for remote proctoring, layering that level of security over the security already available in our test engine.

About ProctorExam

Since launching their services in late 2014, ProctorExam has stood out by offering unique and creative solutions to enhance assessment security. It has been a consistent innovator in the online education market with its innovative 360-degree monitoring with the users’ smart devices, and a full range of proctoring options. Over the past year, ProctorExam has been working to enhance their line of innovative services by introducing Proctoring Infrastructure as a Service. This new paradigm has already begun to decrease cost, increase transparency, and reduce reliance on third-party services.

Daniel Haven, CEOof ProctorExam: “Due to the shared vision for test taking, we are very excited about working with Assessment Systems Corporation. In the future, we want to see whether we can share more lifecycle events to further automate the entire testing process and not necessarily only use communal data to understand whether a person is cheating or not, but also to further increase the quality of the test itself, by better understanding whether specific questions can be shorter or longer, whether they’re too difficult or not.”

About ASC

Assessment Systems Corporation, has been a leader in the assessment and testing industry since 1979, providing both world-class software for testing and psychometrics (with a focus on item response theory and computerized adaptive testing) and extensive consulting services for testing organizations. Assessment Systems was the first company to offer item banking and testing software to the public, in the form of the DOS-based MicroCAT adaptive testing system, nearly 30 years ago. For the past 10 years, they have been implementing this comprehensive testing program into a web-based system that is accessible anywhere, both for examinees and users. ASC’s delivery platform can be used by any type of assessment: certification, K12, higher education, workforce, medicine, and more.

David Weiss, President and CEO at Assessment Systems Corporation, states: “More and more clients will have access to the combined technology. The benefit of ProctorExam is that it is comparatively economical, so it’s allowing Assessment Systems Corporation to offer proctoring solutions to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do remote delivery. This allows us to open up new opportunities, especially in education – where there are a lot of high-stakes tests delivered.”

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