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Psychometric Analytics: Evaluate and Improve Item & Test Performance

Analyze data that you’ve delivered on our platform with a single click of a mouse, or upload your own data.  Get best-in-class reports in MS Word that you can easily turn into tech reports, saving many hours of expensive effort.

What is Psychometric Analytics?

Psychometric analytics refers to the statistical analysis of test data to evaluate the quality of measurement, by closely examining the performance of items, subscores, and the test as a whole. For example, if the correct answer is C but lots of the smart students chose B? Does the item have a strong discrimination parameter? Is the item biased with differential item functioning?

Unlike most platforms that provide a perfunctory analysis, we provide a deep, professional level report, with options for item response theory, which is the paradigm for all modern assessment.

What does psychometric analysis look at?

Option Statistics

What proportion/ number of students selected each answer, and what was the point-biserial?

Item Statistics

What was the overall difficulty and discrimination? IRT parameters? Poor items are automatically flagged for you.

Subscore Statistics

What was the mean, standard deviation, reliability, standard error, and other key stats for each subscore?

Test Statistics

Descriptive stats, multiple reliability indices, test information function, CSEM function, and much more.

Automated reporting with both classical test theory and item response theory

FastTest Iteman Psychometric Analysis

Not sure which one you need? Talk to one of our psychometricians.