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Psychometric Testing: Develop and Deliver Your Own Assessments to Identify Candidate Talent

Need a cost-effective platform to build high-quality psychometric assessments and deliver securely, with modern tech like IRT and adaptive testing? We have the solution.

Shorter and more accurate tests

Item response theory and adaptive testing will improve validity – and save candidate time

Powerful security options to maintain integrity

Protect your content with user roles, lockdown browser, AI remote proctoring, time/date windows, and more.

Comprehensive solution

Quickly develop and publish tests, manage candidates, pull results, and produce psychometric reports.

Gain stronger insight on candidate traits and abilities with modern psychometric testing.

Our software platforms are not just a multiple choice delivery platform – they drive best practices like tech-enhanced items, item response theory, and AI adaptive testing models.  

Remote Proctoring with ASC
multistage testing

Designed specifically for high-stakes assessment like psychometric testing

Item banking

A configurable platform to manage item authors and reviewers, with customizable workflow

Test Publishing

Easily assemble tests, with many security options: time limits, navigation, sections, etc.

Test Delivery

Deliver tests immediately, anywhere in the world. Cost effective whether you are doing 100 candidates or 100,000.

AI and Automation

Options for automated item generation, automated test assembly, adaptive testing, automated validity reports, and more.

Online essay marking

Efficiently manage and score open-response items like essays

Customizable messaging and score reports

Design your own score reports, pre/post test messages, display your logo – keeping your examinees engaged.

Support for all types of psychometric testing

  • Cognitive ability
  • Job knowledge
  • Personality/noncognitive
  • Situational judgment tests
  • Training assessment