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Remote Proctoring Privacy Webinar

Remote Proctoring Privacy Webinar

FREE WEBINAR: Privacy in the New World of Remote Proctoring

ASC hosted a free webinar at Sept 9 at 9am (US Eastern), with a panel of experts discuss issues in Remote Proctoring Privacy.

Rachel Schoenig: Chief Science Officer, Examity

Don Kassner: CEO, MonitorEDU

Dmitriy Istomin: CEO, Examus

As the pandemic continues into another school year for the northern hemisphere, we will continue to see an increase in online proctoring for exams.  But more and more, remote proctoring privacy is a concern.

The full video is posted below for anyone concerned with this topic.

Nathan Thompson, PhD

Nathan Thompson, PhD, is CEO and Co-Founder of Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC). He is a psychometrician, software developer, author, and researcher, and evangelist for AI and automation. His mission is to elevate the profession of psychometrics by using software to automate psychometric work like item review, job analysis, and Angoff studies, so we can focus on more innovative work. His core goal is to improve assessment throughout the world.

Nate was originally trained as a psychometrician, with an honors degree at Luther College with a triple major of Math/Psych/Latin, and then a PhD in Psychometrics at the University of Minnesota. He then worked multiple roles in the testing industry, including item writer, test development manager, essay test marker, consulting psychometrician, software developer, project manager, and business leader. He is also cofounder and Membership Director at the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing ( He’s published 100+ papers and presentations, but his favorite remains

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