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STILLWATER, Minnesota USA, and  MARILAO BULACAN, Philippines  —  May.5, 2021 — ASC, the world’s leading provider of educational assessment software, has announced its first client for online educational assessment in The Philippines.  St. Philomena School Kids Comfort Zone took a step forward in revolutionizing educational assessments joining ASC’s community of organizations that drive high-quality assessment with sophisticated assessment platforms.

The software is expected to help the school improve educational assessment effectiveness, especially after the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This will in turn shape the learning experience by improving feedback for students.

St. Philomena School Kids Comfort Zone started using ASC’s cloud software platform to help them with tasks such as tracking & analyzing assessments, test development & delivery, and more. All of this functionality is geared towards creating educational assessments and strategies that positively impact learning. 

“Moving from traditional testing methods and developing online exams that are effective has always been a challenge, especially during the pandemic” admitted Engr. Alphonsus C. De Alban, MAEd, LPT, the owner of St. Philomena School Kids Comfort Zone. “However, with the adoption of this new technology, we believe that we can create assessments that work in our students’ best interests.”

“Digitalization of educational assessment is a trend that has many positive benefits to schools and learning, and it’s refreshing to see educational entities such as St Philomena School Kids Comfort Zone capitalize on it,” said Nathan Thompson, CEO at ASC. “For us, this means staying at the forefront of the revolution and pioneering technologies and solutions that shape the future of digital assessments for the best.”

About Assessment Systems

Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC; is the world’s leading provider of innovative digital assessment software solutions and consulting services across Education and HR.  Its mission is to leverage AI, automation, and psychometrics best practices to positively impact education and employment opportunities by helping clients develop digital assessments with agility, reliability, and validity.

About St. Philomena School Kids Comfort Zone
St. Philomena School: Kids’ Comfort  Zone Inc. remains committed as a SCHOOL OF LOVE that aims to provide highly individualized and specialized educational services to ALL students with different abilities in an inclusive environment ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS at ALL TIMES.

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