Standard Setting (Cutscore Studies)

An important step in the development of many exams, especially in Certification/Licensure or Workforce, is standard setting.  One of the most common approaches is called the modified-Angoff method, which requires you to obtain a difficulty rating from a team of experts for each item.  The Item Review interfaces excel in managing this process as well, saving you all the effort of manually managing that process!

standard setting
  • Create Review Fields

    These are fields that require input from multiple raters – an essential aspect of standard setting

  • Move new items into the workflow

    Once an item is written, it is ready for review

  • Assign items to users

    Assign the item in the UI, with the option to send an email

  • Users perform reviews

    They can read the item, interact as a student would, and then leave feedback and other metadata in the review fields; then push the item down the line.  Most importantly, in this case, they can leave Angoff ratings.

  • Admins evaluate/export the results

    Admins can evaluate the results and decide if an item needs revision, or if it can be considered released.