Are test security threats impacting your score validity — or worse — your bottom line?

Fraudulent testing data is everywhere. In academic testing, students cheat by looking at other students’ responses or informing their friends in the next section what questions are on the test. In professional credentialing, candidates will sit for the exam simply to steal the content for posting on brain dump sites, while other candidates purchasing the content from these sites never pause to consider the ethical ramifications of trading in stolen property.

Threats to test security are also threats to validity and, by extension, the entire existence and integrity of the assessment. What’s worse? The greater the stakes, the greater the incentive to cheat. Has your organization ever taken a deep dive into your assessment data to search for evidence of cheating or other invalid behavior?

Dr. Nathan Thompson, Assessment Systems co-founder and VP of Psychometrics, has long recognized the value of psychometric forensics to an assessment program, but also the lack of software to implement it. Because of this, Dr. Thompson developed Software for Investigating Fraud in Testing (SIFT) in 2016.

“The software is easy to run because of its friendly UI, but the results are so complex that only a small percentage of Ph.D. psychometricians can understand the output,” Dr. Thompson said.

That is why Assessment Systems is proud to offer Psychometric Forensics service, leveraging Dr. Thompson’s expertise (and our love for test security) to bring this customized consulting to organizations who wish to protect the integrity of their assessments.

“The cliché holds true here: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Dr. Thompson said. “We can work with you to identify areas of concern and explore policies, procedures, and practices that will help you.”

If you provide us a dataset, we’ll analyze it with a range of collusion indices and other statistics, evaluating your examinees individually as well as groups such as test centers or classrooms. ASC’s mission is to improve the quality of as many assessments as we can.