A comprehensive platform to develop and deliver your own tests for workforce, training, and pre-employment testing

Build your own exams with your pool of SMEs

Publish for delivery: paper, online unproctored, virtual proctoring, or test centers

Easily schedule and manage candidates

Access results immediately

Improved assessment, improved recruitment

Need a next-generation, powerful platform that empowers you to design and develop workforce assessments and pre-employment testing with the same functionality and psychometrics used by the giant testing companies?  Our FastTest and platforms are designed for just that!

  • Validity: Better tests will do a better job of highlighting the top candidates
  • Fidelity: Tech-enhanced items, audio, and video allow you to build your own SJTs and other advanced tests
  • Flexible: Extensive options for scheduling and publishing
  • Secure: Implement scalable security with a lockdown browser, virtual proctoring, candidate passwords, and more
  • Psychometrics: item response theory (IRT), computerized adaptive testing (CAT), linear on the fly testing (LOFT)
  • Affordable: pricing tiers make it accessible for smaller organizations
  • Automate: Our platforms make your job easier, with automated communications, reporting, and more

Platforms that put you in the driver‘s seat – if that’s what you want, of course!

  • Manage SMEs with role- and content-limited access
  • Import, author, and edit your own items
  • Powerful item banking with storage of extensive metadata, including custom fields and statistics.
  • Quickly publish exam forms
  • Export exam forms to paper or deliver online immediately
  • Set cutscores using the modified-Angoff approach.
  • Linear or normative scaled scoring conversion.
  • Create your own score reports, pretest, and instructional screens
  • Review items with workflow management to improve content quality.
  • Register and schedule candidates for onsite or offsite exams
  • Implement scalable security with a lockdown browser, virtual proctoring, passwords, and more
  • Deliver tests as an open link from your website, or pre-register candidates for security

Stay aligned to best practices and international standards like APA/AERA/NCME

It’s not easy to develop high-quality exams for pre-employment testing.  International guidelines certainly help, but you need software that has the functionality to support it.  In addition, our experts have decades of experience in the field and can help you with these phases.

  • Job analysis and test blueprints
  • Item authoring and review
  • Standard setting (cutsc0res)
  • Linking and equating of multiple forms
  • Annual statistical reports
  • Psychometric performance reports (classical or IRT)
  • Test operations: publishing, candidate registration, communications

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