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Credentialing exams: A comprehensive, cost-effective solution

Reduce timeline and costs for credentialing exams with leading-edge software for item banking, SME management, registration/payment, and secure test delivery.

Leverage our expert psychometricians to ensure that your exams meet professional standards like NCCA.

Certification And Licensure Testing

Improve Team Efficiency

Manage SMEs and staff more effectively on a platform designed for remote development of certification and licensure testing.

Reduce Costs

Save SME time. Quickly publish new tests. Deliver with remote proctoring or in-person.

Reach More Candidates

Deliver immediately and securely on our cost-effective platform. Provide your own proctors, or use our on-demand professionals.

Stronger Exams

Our experts will help you navigate best practices and accreditation standards, from initial job analysis to end-of-year statistical reports.

Securely Deliver Credentialing Tests with short timelines

Quickly publish new forms of your tests; do so yourself, or let us handle it for you. Set up complex security options, from navigation controls to time limits to media replay. Upload your rosters of examinees, or let them self-register.

Deliver immediately on our platform, with your proctors, test centers, or our professional remote proctoring service. Leverage our real-time dashboards to manage the delivery, with options to pause examinees that are cheating or re-start examinees that lost internet connection.

Provide feedback to candidates with customizable reports. Integrate with LMS, CMS, or other platforms. Get results immediately.

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item banking

Item Banking: Make Your SMEs More Productive

Developing item banks for credentialing tests is not easy!  Manage teams of SMEs with role- and content-based access.  The SMEs can log in and write items directly in the platform rather than wasting their time in Word or Google Docs.

Drive development with customizable workflow and assignments.  Staff can review and approve items before usage.  Store important metadata about each item, such as author, date created, statistics, reference/source, and which tests it is used on.

Set cutscores with the modified-Angoff approach be requiring the SMEs to leave Angoff ratings during review.  Export the collated spreadsheet of ratings for easy analysis of inter-rater reliability, Beuk compromise, and more.

Psychometric Consulting, in Plain English

We can handle the complex stages of test development for credentialing exams, from job analysis to test specifications to standard setting to psychometric reports.  Our Psychometricians can explain the work in real speak, and provide short timelines.  These steps aren’t just out of the blue; they are required by testing industry and accreditation standards.