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Training, Workshops, Support, & Implementation

Our experts have helped countless organizations to improve and digitalize their assessments. We’ll make sure you know how to best leverage our powerful software.

Don’t have the time or expertise to roll out your exams? Trust our team to handle it for you.

Our Training & Support Will Get You Rolling

Our assessment platform is incredibly powerful and configurable, but don’t feel overwhelmed by all the options. Our support team is there for you every step of the way. We also have detailed User Manuals, banks of Tutorial videos, and even a YouTube channel on psychometrics.

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Let us implement your exams. It's more work than you think!

Developing and publishing an exam in accordance with best practices and international standards is no easy feat. Moreover, the huge amount of functionality in FastTest and can be quite daunting. So while our software can be used in the self-service model, we also offer a full-service model or a partial-service model. We call it the SmartStart package.

Here’s some of the things our experienced team can implement for you:

Dive Deeper into Psychometrics:
Workshops & Seminars

It’s not easy to implement sophisticated methodologies like adaptive testing. We can train you on essential aspects. We frequently hold webinars or in-person seminars around the world. Here’s a photo of a workshop in Kazakhstan.

Want us to visit your country or university to help modernize your exams? Fill out our Contact Us form and ask!

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