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Automated analytics with Item Response Theory (IRT)

Automatically create tech reports in MS Word, complete with hundreds of embedded tables, graphs, and narratives. Save psychometrician time and costs!

What is Xcalibre?


All options are displayed in a clean, simple interface.  No coding skills required!

Automated Reports

Save hours of time – Xcalibre copies and pastes all the tables/graphs into a narrative report for you

IRT Models

Supports all major IRT models out of the box – dichotomous or polytomous

Flexible & Powerful

Analyze large data sets, perform equating studies, improve items with classical distractor analysis

Xcalibre empowers any organization to implement item response theory (IRT) – a machine learning approach used by all large-scale assessment organizations to make their tests more precise and defensible.

Sign Up For Free Version

Xcalibre 4 is available as a free version limited to 50 items and 50 examinees. This allows you to get familiar with the program immediately, and start learning the advanced methods of item response theory.

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Upgrade to Full Version

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How is IRT better than Classical Test Theory?

Stronger Science

Designed specifically to address important psychometric issues

Better Equating

Superior at equating multiple forms/years

Enables CAT

IRT enables computerized adaptive testing (CAT)


Classical test theory results are notoriously sample-specific

Better Measurement

More precise scores, for more examinees

Designed to help more practitioners implement IRT

The point-and click interface means that you spend more time on improving your assessment, not fighting with code errors

Output that is easy to read

Clear, concise tables, embedded graphics, and explanatory narratives – plus it is all in Word so you can easily annotate results!