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Helping Language Assessment Organizations to Deliver – Flexibly, Securely​

Efficiently manage content experts with collaborative item banking. Develop engaging language assessments that can delivered online, anywhere in the world, including spoken or video response items. Personalize the assessments with adaptive testing.

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Transform your language assessment… cost-effectively.

Develop quickly and easily

Our integrated item banking module empowers experts to develop and review high-quality items.

60+ Item Types

Traditional types like MCQ, essay, and short answer – but also spoken and video response!

Deliver Securely

Randomization, lockdown browser, time/date windows, remote proctoring, and much more.

Reduce costs

By developing and publishing more easily, and delivering to more examinees, you can directly impact the bottom line!

Author and review items

Import existing items, manage teams of authors, drive items through a customizable QA workflow, and all the other essential steps to development of high quality language assessment.

item review workflow
multistage testing

Powerful delivery of language assessment

Once your tests are assembled, you can directly publish into our industry-leading delivery platform. Take your language assessment around the world with secure delivery, including AI or human remote proctoring.

Measure more effectively with strong psychometrics

Adaptive TestingMultiStage TestingItem Response TheoryAutomated Psychometric Reports – plus the  expertise to help you with all this if you don’t have it in house.
multistage testing

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