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Test Development: Trust The Experts

Our psychometricians will help you navigate the test development process, from job analysis to item development to statistical reports. We pride ourselves in providing sound advice in an easy-to-understand manner.

What can we do to help?

Job Analysis

Use a scientific, data-driven approach to decide what a test should cover; survey job incumbents and statistically transform into blueprints

Item Authoring & Review

Train subject matter experts (SMEs) in how to write fair, effective test questions, and implement a quality assurance process

Standard setting study

It is not defensible just pick a nice round cutscore like 70%. You need a scientific, data-driven approach to this.


There are several quantitative steps, including Equating, Test Assembly, and Psychometric Reports.

The validity of a test score is supported, in a large part, by appropriate use of the test development cycle, the strength of the connections between the different steps of the cycle, and your documentation of the process.  We tailor both our consulting services and software platforms around helping you implement these industry standards.  We can also help you achieve accreditation.

Want to learn more about the test development cycle and how it impacts Certification exams in particular?  Download this whitepaper.