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office workers discussing how to develop and deliver predictive and engaging exams for pre-employment testing​

Develop & deliver more predictive, engaging exams for pre-employment testing

Reduce test development costs and time. Increase predictive validity with custom-made assessments and automated psychometrics. 

Stronger Psychometrics

Easily implement modern psychometrics like item response theory and adaptive testing

Security and Integrity

Protect your content with user roles, lockdown browser, AI remote proctoring, time/date windows, and more.

Automated and Flexible

Quickly develop and publish tests, manage candidates, pull results, and produce psychometric reports.

Recruit the world’s Best Through Better Online Assessments

Need a next-generation, powerful platform that empowers you to design and develop personnel assessments and pre-employment testing with the same functionality and psychometrics used by the giant testing companies?  Our FastTest and platforms are designed for just that!
item review workflow
multistage testing

Designed to manage high-quality assessment for pre-employment testing

Stay aligned to the best practices & international standards like APA/AERA/NCME

It’s not easy to develop high-quality, defensible exams for pre-employment testing. International guidelines certainly help, but you need software that has the functionality to support it.  In addition, our experts have decades of experience in the field and can help you with the test development and validation process.  We can help you quickly roll out improved versions of your assessments –  digitalized and secure!

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