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Remote proctoring: Securely deliver exams with our integrated platform

Our industry-leading assessment platform provides the option for online proctoring: AI, Live, or Recorded. 

Publish new exams in a matter of days, and deliver them securely and scalably.

Remote Proctoring with ASC

Customized to your security needs

Select your level of security.  Then trust our experts to help you implement.


High-security proctoring in real-time, with dual video streams from a webcam and phone (to see the room). It also supports lockdown browser.


Examinees can take assessments whenever they prefer; video is recorded and reviewed within 2 days.


Record student webcam & screen video, then use AI to automatically flag it; our proctors or yours can then review.


Combine the other 3: use your own proctors to watch students in real time, with AI flagging, and have audio/video recorded for later review if needed.

Scalable and Cost-Effective – Even if you only do 50 exams

“Working with FastTest and MonitorEDU has been game-changing for our certification program – especially after the disruption caused by the pandemic. 

While most programs using traditional testing centers had to terminate their examination delivery process, we were able to continue with our computer-based examinations through remote proctoring.

FastTest and MonitorEDU have provided a simple end-to-end solution for our candidates and we couldn’t be more grateful for our partnership.”

Rachel Luoma, MS, CAENational Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology

Option 1: Record and Review

Publish your exams and set them up for Record and Review proctoring.  This facilitates testing from anywhere and anytime. This makes it extremely flexible, easy to implement, and validates examinee results.

The examinee’s webcam and screen are recorded during the test process, and these videos are reviewed within 48 hours by a trained proctor team.

This approach is best suited for medium-stakes exams.

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Option 2: Live and On-Demand

High-stakes exams like certification?  You need the added security of a real human proctor in real time.  You send examinees to our Live RP login page where they can take the test.  The proctor will verify their identity and exam title, establish rules, set up a second camera (tablet or phone), and help the candidate log into the test.

This approach, via our partnership with MonitorEDU, is also beneficial in that it requires no downloads, no automated emails, no API setup – just quick, easy, and secure exam delivery.  We also offer connections with Examus and Examity.

Option 3: AI Flagging

This approach augments the Record & Review approach with artificial intelligence flagging.

The recorded videos are scanned for common threats, such as extra audio voices or 2 faces being present in the frame.  These are flagged as red or yellow stripes in the playback bar.

Your proctors or ours can then review and easily flag potential issues.

This approach is highly scalable and cost-effective – perfect for medium-stakes exams

AI auto proctoring

Option 4: Bring Your Own Proctor

This approach provides a  flexible and cost-effective approach. It also allows you to customize the proctoring process to other languages or specific situations.

Your staff can watch the examinees’ webcams and screens, with AI flagging for security issues and chat interactions.  The audio/video streams and chat will be saved for review later, in case there are infractions.