Remote proctoring

Maintain the security, integrity, and validity of your assessments. Choose from several solutions that are integrated into our online testing platform, and further increase your security with adaptive testing, randomization, lockdown browser, and unique testcodes.

All 3 types of remote proctoring

Need to deliver exams remotely, but securely?  Has coronavirus concerns cancelled in-person gatherings for your institution but you still need to deliver exams?  Our assessment platforms work seamlessly with several providers of remote proctoring services.  Already have one?  We’d be happy to integrate!


MonitorEDU provides high-security proctoring in real time, with video streams from a webcam and phone (to see the room).


ProctorExam allows examinees to come take the exam whenever they prefer; video is recorded and reviewed within 2 days.


Examus will record student webcam & screen video, then use AI to automatically flag it; our proctors or yours can then review.

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Step 1: Publish Your Test and Register Examinees

Whether you are using our FastTest or platform, it doesn’t matter – build a test and register examinees as you normally would.  Then export the examinees and their test codes to Excel.

Step 2: Register Examinees for Remote Proctoring

Set up your exam, student instructions, time limit, and other configurations for your proctoring.  Then utilize the spreadsheet of test codes to import into our remote proctoring portal.  The examinees are now registered.  Click on the button to send emails, which will send a System Check to every examinee, and when successful they will receive another email with a personalized link to to take the exam.

Step 3: Review Results

Examinees take the test, and when they are done you can review the remote proctoring results in that portal, or the exam score results in

If you deliver large volumes of exams and would like us to set up a direct connection between the systems so you don’t need to export/import, we can do that too!

Option 2: Live and On-Demand

This approach works extremely well if you have a small number of candidates which you need to take an exam on short notice, or if you want the added security of a real human proctor in real time.  Instead of registering the examinees in the remote proctoring portal shown above, you simply provide the list to our support team, along with any special instructions.  You then send examinees to our Live RP login page where they can take the test.  No downloads, no automated emails, no API setup – just quick, easy, and secure exam delivery.

Option 3: AI Review

This approach augments the Record & Review approach with artificial intelligence flagging.  The recorded videos are scanned for common threats, such as extra audio voices or 2 faces being present in the frame.  Your proctors or ours can then review and more easily flag potential issues.

AI proctoring Examus