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Psychometric Consulting & Exam Development Services

It’s not easy to build an exam aligned to industry & accreditation standards. 

We will help.

What is psychometric consulting?
A psychometrician?

A psychometrician is someone that specializes in the process of building an exam with reliability and validity.  If you want to build a good exam, especially if you want it accredited, you need a psychometrician.  If you don’t have one in-house, our expert consultants are just what you need. Psychometric consulting refers to the work that psychometricians do in the test development and validation process.  For example, if you have a certification exam, how do you decide what it covers?  How do you set a cutscore? (hint… it is against the rules to just pick 70%!)  If you have two forms, how do you decide if the results are equivalent?  And so on.
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Test Design & Development

By capitalizing on our diverse experience, you can rest assured that every phase of the test development cycle is implemented with sound psychometric services. From job analysis, blueprint design, item writer training, item authoring, item review, and technical reports, to custom adaptive testing algorithms, we are familiar with the entire test development cycle. Moreover, we understand the realities of working through test development cycle; SME time is very valuable, and we try to leverage technology to utilize them most effectively. We also help you understand each step of the way, so that you can ensure you candidates understand the investment you are making in psychometric services.

Certification & Accreditation

Accreditation is the process of obtaining a stamp of approval that your certification exam is of good quality.  Anyone can write 50 questions in their basement and throw it up online, calling it a certification.  But there is much, much more to go through if you truly want a certification with validity.  Two of the most common boards are NCCA and ANSI. We help you crack the accreditation puzzle through psychometric consulting such as job analysisitem writer trainingstandard-setting studiestest blueprint development, and statistical performance reports.  We can help with non-psychometric work as well, from board governance to recertification policies.
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Test & Item Analysis

Data is the foundation of effective assessments. Psychometric consulting with sophisticated data analytics is essential to valid, defensible, and reliable tests. Our psychometric consultants are regarded as world leaders in this type of data analysis.

Since our founding in 1979, we have continuously integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), Classical Test Theory (CTT), and Item Response Theory (IRT) into our products and services, jumpstarting the digital assessment revolution.

We produce comprehensive reports that detail test, subscore, item, and distractor level analyses.  From reliability and SEM down to option point-biserials, we flag the poorly performing items or other factors and explain to your experts why and how they should be addressed.

Adaptive Test Development

Our powerful assessment platforms support various algorithms for adaptive testing.  This approach requires extensive expertise to implement.  We can perform the IRT calibrations and monte carlo simulations to establish an adaptive test with sufficient vality.

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Psychometric Software

Prefer the DIY Approach?
We've got you covered

We’ve got just the software that a psychometrician needs, from niche tools up to a comprehensive assessment platform.