Psychometric consulting

Our PhD psychometricians excel in improving your assessments by applying modern psychometric methods, as well as improving processes via automation and AI

Configurable solutions

Combine our expertise in psychometrics and test development with the robust technology of FastTest and or our AI-driven tools like Iteman and Xcalibre.  Whether your assessments are in Education, Certification, Medicine, or any other field, the best practices behind the development of a sound exam are quite similar.  We’ll help you get there.  Get in touch, and we’d love to hear about your pain points.


Test Design & Development

Leverage our experience to ensure sound psychometric practices for every phase of the test development cycle. We’ll help you understand what needs to be done to develop defensible tests and how to implement them in a cost-efficient manner.  Examples include job analysis, blueprint design, item writer training, item authoring, item review, and technical reports.

Certification & Accreditation

Allow our team to assist you in navigating the maze of accreditation requirements. From job analysis to test specs to setting a cutscore that is fair and defensible, we’ve been around this block before.

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Item and Test Performance

How do you know if your test is reliable, valid, and defensible?  It takes a rigorous look at the hard data.  We look beyond the point-biserials and coefficient alpha to really understand how your items and overall test are performing, with specific suggestions on how to improve the test.

We’re experts in performing this analysis with both Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory – and unlike other providers, we do so with an eye towards AI and automation to reduce human error and effort.

Advanced Psychometrics

We can provide help one just about any psychometric endeavor: item response theory, adaptive testing feasibility & validity studies, data forensics to find security breaches and cheating, automated test assembly, form equating – you name it, we have probably done it.

Are you a government entity that needs quality assurance and replication work for high stakes exams? We’d love to help with that too!

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