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Assessment, Psychometrics, and Technology: State of the Art

This paper discusses some of the ways that technology is currently impacting how we tackle psychometric issues, and the field of assessment in general.

Advantages of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

CAT is the test delivery approach of the 21st century, utilizing intelligent algorithms to tailor the test optimally for each examinee. This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of CAT.

Requirements of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)

CATs have many benefits, including cutting testing time in half, but require experienced psychometricians, extensive pilot samples, and specialized software. This paper provides an overview of what is needed before your organization can consider adaptive testing.

Reliability and Validity

This is a brief introduction to the topics of reliability and validity, and how they relate to assessment, particularly certification testing.

Financial Advantages of Computer-Based Testing

When testing large volumes of examinees, delivering tests on computer will deliver substantial financial benefits.

Advantages of FastTest over eLearning systems

eLearning systems typically include rudimentary functionality for quizzes and exams. However, because they are designed for eLearning and course management, the testing functionality is extremely limited. This paper explains why systems actually designed for assessment should be used for assessment.

Item Writing and Review Manual

This is a brief white paper on item development, providing an introduction to those new to the field of psychometrics and testing, and useful examples for those who already have experience.

Developing An Accredited Certification

Developing an accredited certification program is no easy feat, requiring at least a year of effort from a team of experts and tens (often hundreds) of thousands of dollars. This whitepaper will explore the proper steps an organization needs to take in order to receive accreditation.