Classical Test Theory Analytics

Automate a psychometrician’s work: Build a comprehensive psychometric tech report with graphics, tables, and narratives… in seconds!

Evaluate reliability, overall test performance, and item performance.  Automatically flag problem items and dig in with distractor analysis.

Iteman™ empowers more organizations to implement best practices in Psychometrics. It uses the concepts of AI and automation to replace much of the work that a psychometrician used to do manually by jockeying spreadsheets or spending a day with copy-and-paste!

What is the Free version of Iteman?

Iteman is available as an integrated module of, our cloud-based assessment ecosystem.  Sign up for with the link above and you will have access to the Iteman module.  This provides an account with full functionality but a limit to 100 students and 100 items. This is perfect for teaching or learning classical test theory as well as real-world application to many smaller-scale tests.

The free version allows you to get going with the program immediately and start improving your assessments by flagging items that do not meet best practices.

I’m very pleased with ASC’s analysis platform. The ability to run both CTT and IRT methods makes for a versatile system. Easily adjustable performance groupings, differential item functions, and integrated item flagging are my favorite options.  Randomized item data, non-scoring items, and items with multiple key responses are easy to control. Output reports feature customized analysis which create high-quality, thorough analysis reports.  I appreciate the excellent customer service ranging from a live system demonstration to prompt email responses.  Assess’s technical support is noteworthy as it offers a user-friendly technical manual which includes sample data and control files.  Well done,!

Tina Koepf, PhDPsychometrician, Nocti Business Solutions

How can Iteman™ help your organization?

Save money

Why pay a consultant $5000 to make this report for you? For every test?

User-Friendly UI

A friendly UI – no command code! Designed to make psychometrics accessible to anyone.

Readable Output

Output is a Word file with embedded tables, graphics, and narratives. No more ASCII!

Increase Reliability

Flag items that do not meet standards and diagnose with detailed option statistics.

Upgrading Iteman

You can upgrade to a premium license at any time by paying with credit card, or contact if your organization requires PO/invoice.

What does Iteman™ look like?

Iteman provides a straightforward UI for you to specify your input files and types of analysis you want to do.

  • Reliability analysis
  • Distractor analysis
  • Item statistics such as P and Rpbis
  • Differential item functioning
  • Mastery (cutscore) analysis
  • Scaled scoring
  • Automated flagging

classical test theory analyis

What does Iteman™ output look like?

Instead of producing output as ASCII text from the 1980s, Iteman produces a full narrative report in Microsoft Word.  You can then use this as the starting point draft for your own report, saving you many hours of effort.

The program produces extensive test-level output regarding the examinee scores, including 7 estimates of reliability, complete analysis of domains (content areas), frequency distributions of scores, subscores, and statistics, and CSEM.

However, the majority of the report is item-by-item results like you see above, presented in detailed tables with a quantile plot for each item. Simply paste in item texts, and you have a comprehensive report ready for item reviewers!

A number of large testing companies use Iteman™ to produce reports for clients, charging up to $5,000 each time – you can now produce these reports yourself for a fraction of the cost!