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FastTest: Secure online testing software with smarter psychometrics

A comprehensive ecosystem for organizations that need stronger online testing, developed with modern psychometrics and best practices. Reduce test development time with integrated item banking, standard setting.  Deploy exams in a matter of hours, even with remote proctoring.

Designed for certification & licensure, pre-employment, and educational exams.

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Deliver 200 tests per year, or 20,000 per day; manage hundreds of content experts for development


Make content experts more productive with intuitive interfaces, customized workflow, and immediate publishing


Configure security for each test: passcodes, ID numbers, lockdown browser, remote proctoring, IP addresses


Designed to drive best practices and advanced psychometrics like IRT and CAT

FastTest: An end-to-end platform for developing high-quality online exams

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Advanced psychometrics

FastTest makes it easier to deliver high-quality exams

adaptive testing platform
Iteman item analysis psychometrics

Reduce test development time and increase item quality with automated psychometric reports

With a click of the mouse, you can produce comprehensive tech reports in Microsoft Word – allowing you to immediately work with content experts to evaluate item and test performance, revising items to improve the assessment.

Test level: descriptive statistics, reliability indices, standard error of measurement, distributions

Item level: quantile plots, difficulty, discrimination (point biserial), distractor analysis

Online essay scoring

FastTest has an integrated essay marking platform that empowers you to efficiently score thousands of essays.

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