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Test Security: An Essential Component of Validity

Are you concerned with the security of your assessments?

ASC is one of the world’s foremost providers of Test Security services.  Our experts can help you determine potential pain points, or help work through ones you are already experiencing.  Furthermore, our PhD psychometricians can implement sophisticated psychometric forensics to uncover issues that you never knew you had! Want to try it yourself?  Download our SIFT software for free.
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Test Security Plan

A cliche that is often used in the field of test security is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  There’s a reason it is used so often: it is true.  ASC can help you develop a Test Security Plan and implement delivery protocols that protect your intellectual property and the integrity of exam scores.

Secure Test Delivery

Our digital assessment ecosystem is configured to work with the leading providers of remote proctoring.

Types of Test Security Forensics


Is there anything unusual about this examinee unrelated to everyone else? Did they answer “C” to every item? Did they spend 10 minutes on each of the first 5 items and skip the rest? Did they get a high score in a suspiciously short time?


Is there anything unusual about this examinee compared to others? Are there nearby examinees that have almost the same response vector?


Group-level analysis provides additional insight. Do certain schools or teachers do unusually well? Do certain test centers have crazy-high pass rates but short test times on average?

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