IRT Scoring Spreadsheet

Learn how IRT estimates ability and watch the graphs change in real time

Item Response Theory (IRT) is the measurement paradigm used by the majority of high-stakes testing programs across the world.  Because it is very mathematically and conceptually complex, it still remains underutilized.

If you are new to IRT, one of the most important concepts to learn is scoring algorithms.  The IRT Scoring Spreadsheet helps you learn this process interactively:

  • Paste in item parameters and
  • Paste in student responses (or type them one at a time)
  • Watch the likelihood functions and theta estimates change in real time!

Best of all, this is available for free: simply fill out the form on the right and you can download the spreadsheet.

Our goal at Assessment Systems is to improve assessment by providing powerful, user-friendly software, which led to the development of systems like FastTest for item banking and adaptive testing and Xcalibre for IRT calibration.  If you would like to apply the many advantages of IRT, check out those platforms or better yet, contact us.