We make it easier to develop and deliver
high-stakes or large-scale assessments

Empowering the world’s best assessment organizations with

best practices, advanced psychometrics, and secure software platforms.

Where do you need help ?

We have a wide range of software and services, with one goal in mind: helping your organization develop and deliver higher quality assessments.

We specialize in advanced psychometrics like item response theory (IRT) and computerized adaptive testing (CAT).

Is your organization still doing things the way they were done 50 years ago?

Cloud-Based Assessment

Leverage 52 item types, quickly publish exams, deliver in large volumes around the world

On-Premise Assessment

Install FastTest on your servers, and modernize your formative or summative assessment

Psychometric Software

Professional tools for psychometricians… or to replace psychometricians!

Psychometric Consulting

Cost-efficient solutions matched to your needs, from our experts

Psychometrics: The science of assessment

You need assessments that are based on decades of scientific research. Ensure that your decisions about students or candidates are based on reliable, valid, and defensible data. Contact us and discover how we can make your tests Smarter, Faster, and Fairer.

Our expertise… for free

We are dedicated to improving assessment with psychometrics.  So we’ve made plenty of our resources available for free, from software to help you learn complex concepts to introductory blog posts and technical research.

What can we do to help?

Deliver with security

Configure security with remote proctoring, lockdown browser, time windows, CAT/LOFT, IP address limits, and more

Increase engagement

Leverage dozens of tech-enhanced items types that keep students engaged and assess more deeply

Build better tests

We keep you aligned to best practices, like item review workflow or large-scale marking of open responses

Save money on consultants

Develop professional psychometric reports in-house with Iteman for CTT and Xcalibre for IRT

Reduce testing time

Dramatically reduce testing time with computerized adaptive testing and item response theory

Publish quicker

Empower your staff to quickly author & review items then publish tests, based on modern psychometrics

Our partners

Over the years we have helped hundreds of partners, across every industry imaginable, to improve the precision and validity of their assessments.

Certification & licensure

Manage SMEs and item banks; then export with QTI to deliver elsewhere, or deliver in our secure platform with remote proctoring.

K-12 education and university

Improve student assessment with 60+ item types, adaptive testing, item response theory, and more.

HR & pre-employment

Build your own custom exams to increase fidelity, make better selection decisions, and improve psychometrics.