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We help the world’s best assessment organizations to develop, deliver, and analyze their exams – from item banking to online testing to psychometric consulting.

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Assessment Systems - Online testing and psychometrics

A comprehensive suite of software and services for assessment and psychometrics

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Start developing smarter online assessments today

Talk with one of our product experts or expert psychometricians to discuss how we can help you develop and deliver stronger exams.

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Powerful solutions for assessment & psychometrics

Online testing with scalable security

Easily build and publish tests with advanced options, from sections to subscores to time limits.

Defend the integrity of your exams with lockdown browser, IP-Based authentication, passcode access, proctor codes, time/date windows, and remote proctoring (Live, recorded, or AI).

Our flexible pricing model provides solutions for everyone, from 50 exams in a year to those 500,000 or more.

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online testing with tech enhanced items
item banking

Reduce test development time with item banking

Improve item quality, reduce manual content management, and drive seamless collaboration. Track versions, comments, and item usage on test forms. Store custom metadata and psychometric statistics.

Our assessment platform includes customizable module for item review and QA: Establish your review stages, assign users and items, send email notifications with due dates, and more.

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Test development, psychometrics, and accreditation

Our experienced team at Assessment Systems will help you develop assessments that align with best practices and international standards in psychometrics.

Are you a certification board?  Our experts work closely with subject matter experts for job task analysis, item writing, standard setting, and other aspects of achieving NCCA/ANAB Accreditation.

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automated item generation

Powerful psychometric software

By psychometricians, for psychometricians

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Save time with SmartMarq for online essay marking

SmartMarq is available standalone or as an integrated module in FastTest, and supports advanced options such as multi-marker, adjudication, anonymous/non-anonymous settings, custom rubrics, and flagging/comments.

Results are scored with classical test theory or item response theory to maintain psychometric rigor.  Apply our proprietary AI algorithms to flag aberrant raters.

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