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Modernize your online assessment with smarter psychometrics.

ASC’s AI-driven online assessment software & exam development services will reduce your costs and timelines for certification exams, educational assessment, and pre-employment testing. 

Smarter psychometrics: The future of online assessment

With Assessment Systems, you don’t just digitalize your assessments, you modernize them. Assessment Systems is helping organizations all over the world to apply AI & modern psychometrics with our industry-leading online assessment software.  We work across a lifetime of learning, from large-scale educational assessments to high-security certification/licensure tests.

Item banking

Item Banking

Manage large item banks, pools of SMEs, AIG, and custom workflow

Effectively manage teams of item writers, author dozens of item types, track items through a customized review workflow, and store historical metadata. Multi-modal test delivery allows you to publish to paper, unproctored online testing, remote proctoring, QTI export, or test centers.

Online Testing

Assemble and deliver exams, securely and scalably

Our online assessment platform lets you fully customize the examinee experience: sections, navigation, messaging, security, proctoring, languages, and more.  Implement best practices like item response theory (IRT), computerized adaptive testing (CAT), & linear-on-the-fly testing (LOFT).

online testing with ASC
Remote Proctoring with ASC

Remote Proctoring

Live Humans, Record & Review, or AI

Shorten timelines and make your exams more convenient without compromising validity. Publish new exams in days, not weeks, and trust in the integrity of the results.  Deliver on-demand with human or AI remote proctoring.

Essay scoring

Define rubrics and manage raters to efficiently score large volumes of essays

Deliver essay questions and directly score them with multiple rubrics. Customize the number of raters, anonymity, and other controls. Score with our engine (CTT or IRT) or export raw data to calibrate.

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Build better exams

Improve your educational assessment, certification exam, or pre-employment test with our user-friendly psychometric software.  Easily implement item response theory, classical test theory, modified-Angoff stuies, and more.

Need a hand? Our internationally-recognized experts can help your organization design, deliver, and validate exams in accordance with international standards.

Psychometric Consulting

Our experts will help you drive online assessment in accordance with industry standards, from job analysis to standard setting to statistical reports. And we can explain it in plain language!

Psychometric Software

Reduce costs and automate a psychometrician’s work with the professional psychometric assessment software of Iteman (CTT) and Xcalibre (IRT).

Our software will improve how you develop and deliver exams

Our platform is designed to drive best practices, from item banking and item review to large-scale online delivery to automated analytics that validate your test.  This includes modern methods like modified-Angoff standard setting, automated item generation, adaptive testing, and item response theory.

test security


Remote proctoring, lockdown browser, time windows, navigation

scalable exams


Cloud-based platform can scale up for nationwide exams

easy to use interface

Easy to Use

Intuitive interface for examinees, powerful back end for test developers

efficient item banking


Save time in test development; leverage automated psychometrics

smarter brain


Shorten your exams and test development with AI & Automation

test publishing

Publish Quicker

Publish in days, not weeks

We are the psychometrician's toolbox

Our psychometric software is designed to save time for psychometricians by automating the time wasted in copy-and-paste, analyzing data, or report creation.  Here are just a few of the tools.

iteman item analysis


Classical test theory with automated tech reports in Word



Item response theory made easy with point-and-click. No code!

citas screenshot


A free, easy-to-use tool for basic psychometric analysis. Designed for non-psychometricians.

sift exam cheating data forensics


Look for cheating and other problems with psychometric data forensics

Start developing
smarter online assessments today.