Our Partners

While ASC has extensive expertise in assessment in psychometrics, we also know our boundaries.  Here’s some of the partners we bring in for additional expertise.


TestGenius (www.testgenius.com) is a testing platform designed by testing and validation experts for the pre-employment and promotional testing space. Testing in HR has its own unique set of challenges, and TestGenius is there to meet them. Providing off-the-shelf work sample tests that measure critical skills and abilities necessary for success on the job, TestGenius helps employers determine which of their applicants should be advanced to the next phase of the recruitment. Organizations who interview and hire only skilled and able candidates benefit from increased longevity and decreased training times. New hires are happier on the job when their abilities meet the needs of the job, and existing staff are more likely to appreciate those new hires who truly can hit the ground, running.

TestGenius is a cloud-based program that is designed to meet the needs of all sizes and types of organizations desiring to test and hire applicants into the modern work environment. Contact us at 800-999-0438 or staff@testgenius.com to learn more about this easy-to-use testing software for hiring!

MonitorEDU (www.monitoredu.com) is a top-shelf provider of remote proctoring services, with a focus on the human aspect.  MonitorEDU provides a unique form of on-demand, live-human proctoring with no downloads or installations.  In addition, it provides a record-and-review approach that allows assessment maangers to view candidate proctoring records.  Best of all, MonitorEDU’s proctoring services can integrate with both FastTest and Ada.