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Iteman 4

Iteman 4 is a software platform that automates the creation of item analysis reports based on classical test theory.  Powerful yet flexible, it saves substantial time by psychometricians and produces easy-to-read output loved by subject matter experts.  More information is available at the Iteman page.

Interested in a more comprehensive solution?  Our online item banking and testing platforms include Iteman as part of a complete ecosystem for developing, delivering, and validating your assessments.


Cloud vs. PC

Iteman can be purchased as either an installable PC software, which means all data stays on your computer, or as a Cloud-based SaaS.  Please let us know which you prefer.

Iteman 4 Licenses

Iteman 4 is available as an annual license, for either the commercial or non-commercial level.

Non-commercial licenses ($1295/year) are reserved for nonprofits and universities.  Purchase a non-commercial license by clicking “Add to Cart” above.

Commercial license: Please contact and we will provide a quote.


If you have not done so already, download the free version of Iteman at the Iteman page.  After your payment is processed, we will provide you with an activation code, which unlocks full functionality.