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TestAssembler: Automated Test Assembly

TestAssembler provides a simple yet powerful algorithm to build parallel fixed forms with automated test assembly methodologies.  Read in your item pool and statistics, tell it how many forms you want to build and to what specifications, and it will provide a report detailing exactly how to build those forms.  Need 4 forms, each overlapping with spiraled 20 anchor items, balanced by both content and difficulty? No problem. TestAssembler will do that in seconds, which would take hours for a psychometrician to do manually.  More information is available here.

Purchase TestAssembler

Standard License ($1495 per year) – These licenses are intended to be used by governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, or by school districts/colleges/universities for analyzing the data from their testing programs.  Proof of governmental/non-profit status will be requested upon purchase.

Commercial License (contact us for price) – Please let us know how you intend to use the software.